Henry’s Hard Soda

MillerCoors tasked Mekanism with developing a creative platform that had to do more than launch a new brand – it had to introduce a new product category.

Henry’s Hard Soda

Targeted at 30-somethings who have sh** to do tomorrow, our team developed a full suite of campaign assets for the launch, including broadcast, print, OOH, social, and digital, anchored by the tagline Live Hard-ish.

On the digital front we knew that the site had a very specific job: introduce what the product was, and have it clearly connect to other campaign assets that were out in the market. Knowing that many users would be accessing the site via mobile – perhaps while they considered the product in-store – we designed it to be fully mobile ready.

On the backend the site is architected to be fully modular. This allows us to accommodate potential future line extensions, social content, and static content sections with no additional development time.