Multimodal Streaming Video

Over the course of nearly two years worth of projects I've worked directly with the design, product, and engineering teams of some of the largest video on demand (VOD) streaming services in the world.

Multimodal Streaming Video

The Challenges

I've worked with two of the largest leading video streaming services on numerous projects over the course of my time at IDEO, and I was fortunate enough to be a part of exploring several key business challenges:

  • How might social technologies affect the discovery+viewing experience for both SVOD and Live streaming content?
  • How might immersive media technology (VR/AR/360/interactive video) and connected devices change the way we consume–and interact with–new and existing forms of media?
  • How might Live TV show up on screens other than traditional TVs?
  • How might we imagine advertising that is additive to the viewing experience rather than interruptive?
  • How might we better drive utilization of our suite of ad products by designing useful tools for advertisers?

The Results

I'm proud to say several of these projects have gone to market either as a standalone product, or as part of the design/feature evolution of an existing products. We were also able to help a future-facing business unit secure continued funding for product and content experimentation through the work we were able to show to Sr. leadership.

Feel free to reach out to learn more about my role and the specific problem spaces addressed in these projects.

The Approach

While I can't share specifics of my work publicly, I can say that each of these projects approached these problems through a human centered process of research, synthesis, prototyping, and testing with users.

Design + Prototyping
From low to high fidelity prototypes, prototyping digital/physical experiences is an area I thrive in. Over the course of the challenges noted some examples of prototypes I have personally designed and built include:

  • A voice-controlled video interface for kids (Amazon Lambda, Alexa, Node.js, Azure cloud)
  • An AR lens for a second-screen live TV augmented experience, tested via live intercepts at a MLB game (AR Studio, Blender 3D, JavaScript)
  • Several VR interface and experience prototypes (A-Frame / WebVR, JavaScript, Blender 3D, After Effects, physical installation)
  • A responsive mobile/desktop prototype to demonstrate an advertiser product experience across devices (HTML, SCSS, JavaScript, PHP, LAMP)
  • A high-production value film to socialize smart integrations and adaptive conversational interfaces in a realistic setting
Yes I used to have a man bun 😎
Helping engineering, product, and design teams create interactive video experiences together via a very analog and generative workshop exercise.