Saving the Hollywood Sign

Saving the Hollywood Sign

Finalist, Nonprofit Campaign of the Year, PR Week 2011 Awards

Looping in celebrities and the people of Los Angeles, generating international media coverage, and creating a community of over 27,000 citizens in just weeks, the "Save the Hollywood Sign" campaign was a resounding success.

The digital / social media aspects of the effort were produced and managed by Atomic Digital, the interactive group I led at Atomic PR.  Working in conjunction with Atomic's top-notch PR team and the non-profit land conservation group The Trust for Public Land, we were able to protect Cahuenga Peak (the land surrounding the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles, CA) from development and donate it to the City of Los Angeles to be integrated into Griffith Park.

The campaign launched in February 2010, and by the end of April 2010 we had raised $12.5MM and successfully saved the peak.  Over $500K was raised directly through online donations which represented a significant percentage of donations from the general public, supported by a digital grassroots campaign coordinated via social channels.

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