SONDER @ The Laundry, SF

SONDER was a group immersive + interactive exhibition at The Laundry in San Francisco’s Mission District.

SONDER @ The Laundry, SF

We encounter thousands of souls each day in passing. We may not notice them or acknowledge them, but each of them has a story. A life just as complex and full as our own. What if we could step out of ourselves and increase our awareness of the multitudes around us?

SONDER was a group immersive+interactive exhibition at The Laundry in San Francisco’s Mission District that aimed to create such a space. It was created by the Anywhere Collective, and I was fortunate enough to contribute. The event debuted to a packed house, with tickets selling out over a week ahead of the show.

We all seek moments that feel a little less lonely. To know that we aren’t crazy; that there are others like us out there, hoping to make time stop for just a second. It is these moments that create the fragile filaments that weave us together, as we reach across dark chasms for flickers on the other side. It is you, shiny people, that make this, this.

I worked on building out a room-scale rear-projection tunnel, utilizing three projectors showcasing visuals processed in real-time using WebGL, all synced to an immersive multi-speaker surround soundtrack (shown at 0:06, 0:33 and 0:40 in the video above). I was also able to exhibit the Peeephole which I had build previously.