The Identity of Self

The Identity of Self

How might our loved ones experience our digital ephemera after we die?

The Identity of Self brought together a community of likeminded artists, designers, and technologists to explore how the internet, machine learning, and immersive media might change how we plan for and experience death. How will the user experience of the end of life shift in the future, both in terms of the living planning for the inevitable, and the living experiencing the ephemera left behind?


  • Chelley Sherman, Visual VR Artist
  • Leif Haven Martinson, Botanic Technologies, Redreamer
  • Burton Rast, Google
  • Sean Mulholland, IDEO

This event was part of Reimagine End of Life, a week of exploring big questions about life and death. The Identity of Self was a series of talks followed by a panel + community discussion that took place at IDEO SF on April 17. In addition to the two hour presentation + discussion, we also designed a printed a 30 page program magazine for attendees to take with them, in addition to the gift boxes provided by Reimagine.

As a follow on to the event, IDEO published an article I penned, The Digital Selves We Leave Behind, which was included as part of IDEO's Design for Augmented Intelligence page.

I'd like to extend my gratitude to Brad Wolfe + the Reimagine crew for their support, this event wouldn't have happened without your efforts!

Sean Mulholland

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