Grooveeffect was a profitable urban/indie culture media site dedicated to curating the best in emerging style, music, and trends. As part of the independent media explosion of the mid-2000s, it grew to be one of the leading sites in its niche. It was acquired in 2012.


Grooveeffect reached millions of readers over the years, interviewed major names such as Skrillex, B.o.B., and Porter Robinson, as well as covered some of the biggest events nationwide including New York Fashion Week, SXSW, Coachella, EDC, HARD, and Treasure Island Music Fest.

We secured media network contracts at premium CPMs, as well as negotiating site takeovers from leading sponsors such as Scion. Grooveeffect was able to cover all operational and staff costs and turn a profit. While we were far from a unicorn, it was as a healthy small business.

More than a dozen staff writers contributed to the site, as well as outside contractors such as Six, a UK branding and identity firm which produced an award winning rebrand in 2008, landing Grooveeffect in numerous design showcases and galleries. Beyond staff, I managed relationships with dozens of brands, publicists, PR agencies, musicians, and promoters.

Beyond management, I personally contributed a large percentage of the content on the site, including many of our most successful posts. Beyond trendspotting and writing, I became a seasoned concert and event photographer during my travels with Grooveeffect.

I was also the primary developer / technical lead managing all backend aspects of the site – everything from the dynamic frontend, to the content management system, to the database, web, and ad-server.

All good things must come to an end...

As my personal interest and energy for the niche had begun to fade I decided it was better to retire it gracefully. Grooveeffect was acquired by a content network in 2012, and has since shuttered its viewports.

The site served as a central part of my life for several years, giving me deep exposure to all aspects of the online media, editorial, and independent journalism worlds. It was quite a ride.